Wacka Wacka Wolf is the first boss character in Balloon Kid and Balloon Fight GB.

Attack Pattern Edit

Being the first boss, Wacka Wacka Wolf is fairly simple in his attacks. He simply walks back and forth on his platform and punches. If the player touches him, the player gets bounced back a far distance, which can put you right into the water pits on either side of the screen.

Strategy Edit

In order to defeat him, you must fly over him and Drop, or jump onto his head from the side platforms. The boss will be stunned temporarily after being hit. After being hit three times, the boss will fall off the screen and the screen will scroll again, allowing the player to finish the level.


Trivia Edit

  • Wacka Wacka Wolf is the only boss character that is given a name or mentioned at all in the manual.
  • Even after you beat him, you can still lose the level, since the end of the level is very close to the left water pit from the boss fight.