Through an update on the Nintendo website, Balloon FIght was confirmed to be one of three games to be available to subscribers of the Nintendo Switch Online service when it launches in 2018. The other two games were Super Mario Bros. 3 and Dr. Mario, both also being NES games. All three games will release with online capabilities, although what exactly that entails is unclear. While online multiplayer seems to be the most obvious answer, it could also include some form of online leaderboard, although this is purely speculation. Either way, this will likely bring in a whole new audience and could possibly even help in forming a stronger community around the game. Surely, this is exciting for Balloon Fight fans, as there has never before been any form of online multiplayer in any Balloon Fight games prior to this, and this exact feature was the most wanted in a recent poll held on this wiki. With Balloon Fight making its first appearance on the Nintendo Switch, some might wonder if we might also be seeing a fully fledged game on the console as well, as it seems somewhat out of the ordinary for Nintendo to place this amount of emphasis and urgency on Balloon Fight, in a sense giving it at least half of the attention placed upon their mascot, Mario. It could be possible that Balloon Fight was only chosen because they were looking for a more multiplayer-focused game which also had some recognition, but if that were the case they could have also chosen Ice Climber, which likely has more recognition from their relatively recent appearance and subsequent absence from the Super Smash Bros. franchise. Some wild speculation might lead some to believe that somehow Balloon Fight's inclusion in this set of games implies a connection to the Super Mario franchise, namely that the Balloon Fighter is Mario himself, although this is likely just a coincidence. In any case, I'll be eager to hear more about the game as they announce information.