Packages are simple items that can be carried under your Mii in Nintendo Land: Balloon Trip Breeze.

Appearance Edit

Packages are simple yellowish boxes with string around them, and are held by a hook under your Mii. They are about the size of the player.

Function Edit

Packages are found between levels at Rest Islands and must be dropped off at the end of a level on the following Rest Island. Doing so will give the player ten Nintendo Land Coins, but will weigh you down during the level. If the Package is eaten by the Balloon Fish, or hit by a Balloon Breaker, it will detach from the player and will not be able to be picked up again. If it hits a Balloon, it will pop it and give you points, making it somewhat useful when there are multiple Balloons on screen at steep angles to each other. The Giant Present, Crate, and Spiked Ball function similarly. If this touches a Balloon Breaker that is electrified, the player will be electrocuted as if the player touched it. If the Package pops a Giant Bubble with an item inside it, the Giant Bubble will pop and the item will fall out. Items cannot be collected using a Package.

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