Hello Kitty World is a video game for the Famicom (known as the Nintendo Entertainment System outside of Japan), which was produced by Character Soft (a subsidiary of Sanrio) and Mario Co. Ltd (a joint venture between Nintendo and Dentsu).


The game is very similar to Balloon Kid; a game which was never released in Japan at the time until the release of Balloon Fight GB in 2000 for the "Nintendo Power" cartridge writing service, except that Hello Kitty takes the place of Alice, Mimmy (Hello Kitty's sister) takes the place of Samm and Tippy (a bear with a crush on Hello Kitty) takes the place of Jim. My Melody's best friend Flat the mouse also appears, and there are various design changes too.

Some of the music in this game is ported from Balloon Kid, but the music that plays during Bonus Stages is different.


Each stage has an icon based on an object.

Stage 1: Flower (see Pencilvania)

Bonus Stage: Strawberry

Stage 2: Mushroom (see Forest)

Stage 3: Airplane (see Sea A)

Stage 4: Whale (see Whale)

Stage 5: Umbrella (see Sea B)

Stage 6: Snowman (see Northern Sea)

Stage 7: Mouse (see Cave)

Stage 8: Robot (see Secret Base)

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