The Burner Boys are a type of enemy in Balloon Kid and Balloon Fight GB that instantly kill Alice. They seem to be completely made of fire.

Appearance Edit

There are three variants of the Burner Boys. One of them is simply a stationary bonfire, which is just a pile of wood that is on fire. There is also a walking variation, which is simply a ball of flame with legs. In the game, they do not have a visible face, although in the manual this variation is depicted as having a face. The jumping variation has a giant eye visible on the front of their fiery body. They crouch down and then leap, and while in the air they hold legs back.

Function Edit

The bonfire type enemy does not move, but the player will lose a life instantly if they touch it. The walking type also instantly kills the player, but walks to the right and can fall off platforms. There is also a leaping variant which will continually leap to the right, and wait for a short amount of time after landing. Predictably, the leaping type also instantly kills the player.

Gallery Edit

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