Day 1 Evening is an early level from Balloon Trip Breeze.

Layout Edit

The beginning of the level is simple, with 3 Balloons and a small cluster of 3 Balloon Breakers, forming a small triangle-like structure. In section 1, there is about 9-10 Balloons scattered randomly throughout the screen, and a Balloon Breaker will appear that will bounce off of the screen boundaries. In section 2, there is a platform made by Brick Blocks that holds up a boxing Balloon Bird, and about 7 Balloons scattered around the screen. Another bouncing Balloon Breaker will also appear. In the third and final section, there's about 4 Balloons that are also scattered, as well as 3 Balloon Breakers.

Starting Island Edit

This level's starting Rest Island has the first Package in the game. The island is fairly wide, and has one small Rest House with a green roof and brown exterior. There are also two Miis. The Podium is on the far right of the island.

Notes Edit

  • This level has the first appearance of bouncing Balloon Breakers.