The staff credits in this game roll after clearing Stage 8 (known as the Secret Base in Balloon Fight GB).

Alice finally catches up with Jim. Jim releases his balloons, so Alice carries Jim presumably on the way back home to Pencilvania. However, at what appears to be Sea A (Stage 3), an enemy Balloon Fighter appears and knocks Alice, causing her to drop Jim and with shock. After this, the game pauses and the only way to continue is to power off or reset the game.

Staff rolesEdit

In the actual staff credits, only the initial in the first names are shown.

The actual names (courtesy of Kyoto Report wiki) are given below, in brackets.

  • Producer: G. Yokoi (Gunpei Yokoi)
  • Director: Y. Sakamoto (Yoshio Sakamoto)
  • Designer: K. Sugino (Kenichi Sugino)
  • Programmer: T. Onodera (Takayuki Onodera)
  • Programmer: M. Yasuma (Motoo Yasuma)
  • Programmer: H. Suzuki (Hideo Suzuki)
  • Coordinator: K. Sakurai (Kuniko Sakurai)
  • Coordinator: T. Ohsawa (Toru Osawa)
  • Music: H. Tanaka (Hirokazu Tanaka)
  • Special thanks to: S. Okada (Sachie Inoke)
  • Special thanks to: M. Kanoh (Makoto Kano)
  • Special thanks to: Y. Taki (Yoshihiro Taki)
  • Special thanks to: T. Izushi (Takehiro Izushi)
  • Special thanks to: M. Yamamoto (Masao Yamamoto)
  • Special thanks to: M. Sakashita (Masafumi Sakashita)
  • Special thanks to: K. Terasaki (Keisuke Terasaki)
  • Special thanks to: F. Nomura (Fujiko Nomura)
  • Special thanks to: S. Inoke (Sachie Inoke)
  • Special thanks to: M. Tatemoto (Masahiro Tatemoto)

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