Phase 6 is the last phase in the red group, and originates in Balloon Fight.

Layout Edit

The stage has five platforms, and has one Balloon Bird on each. There is one platform that is about six tiles long that floats over the water, and it holds a pink Balloon Bird. There are also two spike-like platforms that float about halfway up the stage, above either of the spawning islands, which have yellow Balloon Birds. Near the top of the stage, there are two flat platforms that are about four tiles long, and they each have yellow Balloon Birds on them. There also two Clouds, with one between the highest platforms and the other below the lowest platform.

Notes Edit

  • After Phase 12, this stage is repeated, and is later titled as Phases 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60, 69, 78, 87, 96, A5, B4, C3, D2, E1, F0, F9, G8, H7, I6, J5, K4, L3, M2, N1, O0, O9, and so on.
  • Sometimes, the lower Cloud will shoot a Spark directly into the water, which may sometimes cause an even faster Spark to be shot out later.