Phase 0 is a phase that comes very late in the game, only after resetting the Phase counter by passing Phase P5.

Layout Edit

This level is actually identical to Phase 4, since it simply repeated the level pattern the entire way to this Phase. Hacking the game wouldn't change this phase to something unique, as the phase counter has no effect on the phase itself and vice-versa.

Notes Edit

  • If you were to reset the phase counter a second time (By playing through Phases 01-P5 again) the layout would be different, as even though you would technically pass Phase 1, the layout still wouldn't be that of the actual Phase 1, instead, it would be like Phase 5, due to the Phase layout pattern.
  • Technically, this phase could be called Phase P6 or Phase 256, as the only reason it goes back to 0 is because of the nature of how the level count is kept in the RAM and how the NES functions.
    • Since the NES is 8-bit, and uses hexadecimal, and also since the level value is stored in one single value, "P5" is actually "FF" in Hexadecimal, otherwise known as 255. To the game, "P" is the same as 25. Since "FF" or 255 is the highest number that can be stored in one value, it drops to "00", thus the reset. If the phase counter was stored across two values, then the last level would be much higher, and after it goes through the alphabet you would see the "tens" place digit have various other tiles, eventually even ones from the title screen, until the "tens" place digit eventually reset.
      • Similar "glitches" or "glitched tiles" occur in other NES and Game Boy games, usually with the same reason. Most of the time, this occurs because the game's creators don't expect the value to ever go so high.