The NES version of Balloon Fight was also released on the Sharp Zaurus series of PDAs (Specifically the MI-E21, MI-E1, and MI-L1) in late September of 2001. The game would take up about 2.3 MB, and cost 1000 yen including tax. This was only one of two Nintendo-made Famicom games ported to Sharp Zaurus PDAs.

Limitations Edit

Due to hardware limitations, the system would run out of memory if the MP3 player function was used while playing. Also, the game may run slowly depending on the type of memory card the user has downloaded it on. Sounds are limited, as no music will play, and only one sound can play at a time. There is no two-player simultaneous play, although it is possible to switch between characters in two-player mode.

Features Edit

By tapping the controller icons in the top left and right corners, the user can switch the current controller. If the user switches applications and then comes back to the game, their progress is kept intact. High scores are also saved even if the power is turned off.