Balloon Breakers are an obstacle that appears in Nintendo Land: Balloon Trip Breeze.

Function Edit

Balloon Breakers float in the sky in every level of Nintendo Land: Balloon Trip Breeze. Touching one will pop one of your balloons. If it is raining, they will be more like Sparks, as they will shock you and pop both of your balloons. They can stay in one spot, fly in a set path, or bounce off the screen boundaries. They come in red and black variations, with the red being able to be smashed when tapped on, awarding the player one point. The black Balloon Breakers cannot be broken by being tapped on. These can only be broken by any Package-like item, an Eraser, or running into them with Invincibility. If you use Invincibility to destroy them, you get two points. Black Balloon Breakers cannot be moved either, whereas the red variant can be moved or set off course by tapping near them. Destroying these with a Spike Ball, Package-like item, or an Eraser will not give the player any points.

Appearance Edit

Balloon Breakers are red or black cubes with spikes on each side. During a rainstorm, they will also have an electricity effect around them. They are smaller than the player's character. According to Monita's notes about the Balloon Breaker, the spikes retract after the park closes in order to make sure the park staff are not injured. There is a small blue border around each spike on the red variant, and a red border on the black variant. The central cube seems similar to the brown blocks seen throughout the game, as it has the same basic shape and bolts in the corner of each face.

Patterns Edit

Balloon Breakers can move in various patterns. In many levels, they just float and spin, and do not move unless tapped near. In some levels, they bounce off of the screen boundaries. In one later level, the Balloon Breakers form a snake-like chain, that can curve mid-air and bounce off of the top and bottom boundaries. A number of levels have them move on a set course or in a wave. Balloon Breakers can move at various speeds as well.

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